Swiss Mobility Power Pack Review – 10000mAh

The Swiss Mobility Power pack is a fantastic powerpack for giving you extra minutes of talking on your cell phone or time on your iPad or tablet.

This is going to be a short review because this device has two major benefits, and one major drawback.  Just that information should be enough for you to make your decision easily.


swiss mobility power pack 10000 image


  • 2 Ports, can charge two devices at one time
  • Fast charge 2.1 amp port, charges devices faster than many power packs
  • 10,000mAh is a large capacity
  • Attractive design
  • Comes with carry bag


  • Re-charging the device itself is very slow.

Swiss mobility power pack Conclusion

The Swiss mobility power pack is a near perfect device with one major flaw.  When you’re actually using it to charge your devices it’s excellent and I can’t fault it.  However, at the end of the day when you’ve been using it and it comes to recharge it – it takes hours and hours.  The reason is simple, the output ports support 2.1 amps, but the input port only supports 1 amp.  The result for me, is that when I plugged it in to charge it needed more than overnight often to completely charge from flat to full.

If you use several different power packs the flaw may not be an issue, you can just use another one of our devices while it charges.  However, if you only have one powerpack – then you might be better off picking a different one.

The form factor is quite nice, but if you want something for your pocket you’ll probably want to go for one of their smaller models and not the 10,000mah version.  Swiss has several different sizes for this, but the 10,000mah version is a good compromise lots of capacity while not too large.

I would still recommend it, but just be aware of how long you have to leave it to charge.



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