Microsoft Arc Keyboard Review

Microsoft Arc Keyboard


Wireless keyboards are a must have item. The Microsoft Arc Keyboard fits in a very particular part of the market. It is a keyboard designed exclusively to use with laptops, desktops and the Xbox 360. It’s a little bit on the small side to use with a desktop, but you could still use it with a laptop or your Xbox 360.

The thing for me, is that whatever keyboard it’s replacing on the device (virtual keyboard on a phone/Ipad or keyboard on a laptop) I want the wireless one to be much larger. What’s the point in having the inconvenience of a separate part, for something just a bit bigger. I guess that’s personal preference, but it doesn’t make that much sense to use this with a laptop.  As a keyboard for the Xbox, it makes a lot more sense.


  • Quite a useful size
  • Dongle provides a reliable connection every time
  • Nice Ergonomics
  • Magnetic holder for the wireless dongle.


  • No Bluetooth
  • A bit small if you’re going to use it with a laptop.

Conclusion on the Microsoft Arc Keyboard

This keyboard didn’t really work for me. If I’m going to have something that will only work with my laptop, and not with my Ipad or phone – then I would want it to be larger. There are too many good options out there that have bluetooth allowing you connect them to all your devices to really consider this device as a work from home keyboard.  In saying that – if you’re after a keyboard to use with your Xbox – or if you want a keyboard for your Surface or a Lenovo Helix then this makes more sense.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 Review

microsoft bluetooth mobile keyboard 5000The Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 has been around for a while now.  It’s a fairly simple device so most of the reviews online skip over the most important features on this keyboard.  This is still one of my favourite Bluetooth keyboards.  If you are o.k with the size, then this is the keyboard for you.


Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 General Thoughts

I really like this keyboard, I use it with my Ipad and my Android phone.  I have used it with my laptop, but there’s not much point because the keyboard isn’t that much bigger than the laptop keyboard.

Making the pro’s and cons for this review wasn’t easy, most of the things I’ve put in could be considered a pro or a con.  I personally like the AAA batteries, it means that when it’s low on power I can just swap the batteries out.  It’s a little on the large side to be truly portable and a little bit small to be your everyday keyboard, but it fits perfectly in my backpack so I find myself using it all the time.  I’d rather have something that is larger and easier to type on when I pack my backpack for working in a Cafe.

I really like the physical on and off switch.  I have 10 other Bluetooth/wireless keyboards currently, and I find the ones that have soft keys to switch the Bluetooth on or off are painful because they keep connecting to anything that has previously paired.

I’ve had no issues with connectivity, but to be honest this has barely been an issue with any modern Bluetooth devices from a reputable brand.

The overall feel of the keyboard while typing is nice, the travel of the keys is good and the keyboard isn’t too noisy.



  • AAA Battery powered
  • Physical on and off switch
  • Curve makes it quite comfortable to type on
  • Larger than most mobile keyboards



  • Not quite large enough to be my everyday keyboard
  • A little bit large for a compact briefcase
  • No stand to angle it upwards while typing
  • No stand to hold a tablet


Conclusion on the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile 5000 Keyboard

I would recommend this keyboard if you’re o.k with the physical size.  That is really the only major consideration.  It is quite large, but I like the size when I’m typing so I’m happy to put this in my backpack.