How to Increase the Battery life of your Laptop, Phone and Ipad

Battery lifeWhen you don’t work in an office you need to have power! This article will show you how to increase the battery life of your laptop, phone and tablet or Ipad.

Leaving your laptop running in your bag just 2-3 times will wreck your battery !

If your laptop is running in your bag, as it starts to get hot the fan will kick in. The hot air has nowhere to escape to, so the fan will just keep speeding up circulating hot air, it will quickly cook your battery.
The easy solution for this, is to go into the settings and make sure it’s set to put your computer to sleep  when you close the lid so that it doesn’t keep running. Below are the screenshots from Windows 10 – you just put “closing” into the search bar

How to increase the battery life by changing the "closing the lid" settings

Leaving your device in the car on a hot day

It’s easy to do, maybe you don’t need your laptop or phone with you so you leave them in your car. The problem with this (apart from them getting stolen) is the temperature of the car. If you do this, even a few times you’ll expose your devices to high temperatures that will reduce the life of their batteries.

Using a laptop, phone or iPad that’s plugged in 100% of the time

Leaving your device plugged in all the time will shorten the life of the battery.
If you have a laptop that never leaves the desk, the best solution is to take the battery out so that when you do need to use it on the road you can just put the battery in. Do be careful though, if you accidentally knock out the power plug the computer will power off immediately.

If possible with your phone and Ipad try to unplug them and let them discharge until they get to 20-30% before plugging them in again.  When You’re concerned about having them charged and ready to go, you can always use a usb power brick – that way it can charge while you are out and about.  If you do, make sure you get one that delivers more than 2.0amps.  The little ones won’t cut it.  Also, be careful about where it’s spending time plugged in.  Anywhere too warm will further decrease it’s battery life.

Listening to old advice about batteries

Charging devices to 100% and then running them down to near 0% is terrible for your battery. The best strategy now is to keep the battery in that 30%-80% range.
Several years ago the most common type of rechargeable battery was the NiCad. NiCads would develop whiskers between the electrode creating a memory effect. The memory effect, meant that if you often charged the device when it got down to 50% then the battery would “remember this” and the capacity would drop. This isn’t true of the common types of batteries Today. NiMH and Lithium based batteries don’t suffer from memory effects.

General advise on how to increase the battery life of your devices

There is one golden rule that you need to remember to extend the battery life. Temperature is nearly all that matters. Don’t let the battery get too hot.

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