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How to Eat Healthy When Working From Home

One of the ironic things about starting a blog that deals with weight loss-ish type things is that blogging requires a lot of work. And the majority of that wok is done while seated on your arse. For this reason, keeping up the success you want to help other folks grab for themselves can be… problematic. I have been planning on taking up C25K again, but to be honest with taking care of kids, working part time and trying to run my own social channels and create content a lot of my “spare time” (ha!) is spent doing this blog. On my butt.

Eat Healthy When Working from Home

One of the things that I have encountered is the difficulty of keeping up healthy eating in regards to snacking while working from home on my butt on the computer. I have a history of being a Doritos and Goldfish crackers (don’t judge) type of person. And that history sometimes blends into the present day, not gonna lie.

However I have found a few things that can be helpful for keeping up good habits in regards to snacking, even if you work at home and on your butt.

Plan your meals and snacks in advance

Planning is the backbone of any healthy changes. I am the type of person who totally thinks that I can just wing it and things will work out. THEY WON’T. YOU CAN’T. Not with this.

My favorite way to fail is to have fantastic lofty intentions that dissolve when I am faced with needing to eat or snack on something this very minute and have shit options that I can get my hands on quick, or healthy options that will require some effort. The thing about working is that you can justify this to a certain extent… “I am having the chips because I can’t get out of this productive groove I’m in”.

The best way to combat this is to plan ahead, and this is essential if you want to eat healthy when working from home. After my second baby I would plan the next days food (yep all of it) and make sure that I had it ready to go accessible, and would even put up notes or set reminders that these things existed in my cupboards just in case I “forgot” (your mind can play terrible tricks on you when there’s junk food around, trust).

Make sure you have healthy options on hand ready to go

Take your list of things to have prepped and just do it. Half my time prepping is thinking and talking about it… it’s those pesky good intentions again. Just do it and save some time.


Some of my favorite things to have ready to go are smoothies, (blended up in the fridge for the next day even- just shake and go), energy balls in the freezer, nuts and seed mixes, and fruit or veggie bowls. There are so many options.

The most important thing is to have this stuff ready to go.

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We all know that junk food is bad for us, but the convenience factor is just too much to resist. Yes its delicious, but so is healthy food, so the real kicker is the fact that it is quick, easy and can be consumed mindlessly without putting in any effort at all. Which brings us to the next point.

Make a rule that you can’t snack while seated where you work

Now this is a pain in the ass, but that is the point. Not eating while seated where you work can help to take some of the mindlessness out of it. Even if you eat while seated somewhere else, you are interrupting your groove, putting the effort into changing your environment and starting a habit that separates work from mindless consumption.

Stay Hydrated

First off I am going to apologize for putting this here because I know that lots of these sorts of lists are all like “drink water and don’t get hungry tee hee”. Except here is the kicker- water is not food so that shit is bad advice.

sassy vintage lady drinking coffee meme- I dont need food I have water said no one ever


That being said, a lot of the time we feel hungry when we are really thirsty and staying hydrated can help this. Additionally, staying hydrated can help with feeling more mental clarity and keeping your body in prime working order. This is all great stuff, especially if you are trying to work.

When all else fails just have the damn chips… life is too short to get weird about food

Is it realistic that you aren’t going to have chips? probably not. I will never be able to give them up completely.

So if you want to have the chips just have the damn chips. The important thing is to remember moderation and make sure that this is the exception and not the rule.

By using the tips above we can try and create a successful environment that promotes moderation so  that any slip  ups will be just blips on the radar!

What are your tips for eating healthy when working from home?

How to eat healthy when working from home- how to work from home and snack healthy with these simple tips


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