Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard Review

Microsoft wedge mobile keyboard

The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard is starting to get a bit old, but it certainly doesn’t look dated.  I have an enormous collection of Bluetooth keyboards, this is one of the keyboards that I keep reaching for.

It is one of the most efficiently designed keyboards I have ever seen.  It’s very small and has no wasted space because of the small bezel.

Before you purchase this keyboard I think you need to decide which devices you will use it with.  If you need something for your phone, tablet, Ipad or other mobile device, then you will not find a better product.  If you want something to use with a larger device – then save your money and look for a different keyboard.

It fits really well with a small mobile device, it’s super portable and you can make use of the cover that doubles as a stand.  This keyboard will take up almost no space in your bag.

One of the things I like best about this keyboard is the feel when typing.  As someone that’s been able to touch type at a 100 words a minute since I was a young child, the feedback from the keyboard is important to me.  On this front the keyboard doesn’t disappoint.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a full-sized keyboard, so you can’t expect too much – but for a portable keyboard it’s truly outstanding.


  • Quite a small keyboard (really portable)
  • No space wasted, small bezel
  • Bluetooth so it’ll work with everything
  • Great feel for touch typing
  • Comes with a stand for your tablet or phone


  • Quite a small keyboard (smaller than most laptop keyboards)
  • Soft on and off switch (not a physical switch)


Conclusion on the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

Not big enough to use with your laptop, but If you need a keyboard for your Ipad, Tablet or Mobile device then buy this as fast as you can before they stop selling it, you won’t be disappointed!



Microsoft Arc Keyboard Review

Microsoft Arc Keyboard


Wireless keyboards are a must have item. The Microsoft Arc Keyboard fits in a very particular part of the market. It is a keyboard designed exclusively to use with laptops, desktops and the Xbox 360. It’s a little bit on the small side to use with a desktop, but you could still use it with a laptop or your Xbox 360.

The thing for me, is that whatever keyboard it’s replacing on the device (virtual keyboard on a phone/Ipad or keyboard on a laptop) I want the wireless one to be much larger. What’s the point in having the inconvenience of a separate part, for something just a bit bigger. I guess that’s personal preference, but it doesn’t make that much sense to use this with a laptop.  As a keyboard for the Xbox, it makes a lot more sense.


  • Quite a useful size
  • Dongle provides a reliable connection every time
  • Nice Ergonomics
  • Magnetic holder for the wireless dongle.


  • No Bluetooth
  • A bit small if you’re going to use it with a laptop.

Conclusion on the Microsoft Arc Keyboard

This keyboard didn’t really work for me. If I’m going to have something that will only work with my laptop, and not with my Ipad or phone – then I would want it to be larger. There are too many good options out there that have bluetooth allowing you connect them to all your devices to really consider this device as a work from home keyboard.  In saying that – if you’re after a keyboard to use with your Xbox – or if you want a keyboard for your Surface or a Lenovo Helix then this makes more sense.