AC/DC Travel Adapter for your laptop

Power plugs powering the globeIf you work from home, cafe’s your car, and you travel frequently then you absolutely need a travel adapter for your laptop.

Having power readily available is key to being able to work from ANYWHERE.

Travel adapter, who needs one?

A great travel adapter for your laptop will let you charge your laptop and your phone or tablet at the same time while you’re driving, or plugged into the wall.  Even more importantly, it will be slimline.  If you travel then these features will have a big impact on your efficiency.

Why you need a travel adapter for your laptop?

You don’t care how big the power brick is for your laptop is when it just sits plugged into the wall at home or the office, but if you’re going to be lugging it round to various cafe’s and taking it on the plane when you travel, then you need something slimline.  It will be half the size and weight of the one that came with your laptop.

Which one to get

It all depends on which brand of laptop you have.  Pick the one that will suit your laptop.   I’m a PC user, so I’m not sure what Apple has available, but these are my picks for PC.

This generic adapter from Targus will cover most laptops from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and Toshiba.

If you have a Lenovo laptop, I would highly recommend this one.  It will only work for Lenovo laptops, but it’s particularly slim, and it lets you charge your tablet/iPad or phone at the same time as the Laptop.

Lenovo Ultraslim AC/DC Combo Adapter


Other things to consider

The ability to charge your devices means fewer interruptions.  When you’re in a state of flow, you don’t have to stop because you’ve run out of power.

You can take better care of your device batteries.  Modern batteries have a very particular way that they like to be treated so that they last as long as possible (I’ll have a link to an article on that shortly).





Top 5 Jobs to give you freedom from the office

Lady getting freedom from the office by reclining and kicking off her shoesThese are the top 5 jobs that will give you freedom from the office.  These jobs will help you achieve location independence.  This list isn’t going to tell you whether they’re a good fit for you, but it is a good starting point to think about.


1. Digital Nomad

This is one of the newest categories.  Bloggers, YouTubers, Digital marketers, online course creators and Freelancers can all earn a decent income from their laptops.  These jobs generally rely on momentum and usually pay poorly in the short term but can be significant in the long term.


2.  Sales

The Mantra repeated by many in sales is “If you’re in the office, you’re not out selling”.  Face to face sales staff are often discouraged from spending too much time in the office.  Often referred to as roadwarriors, the sales superstar will often work from their car or local Cafe’s between meetings.


3.  Writers and Authors

While it can be difficult to work as a full time author, there are an increasing number of people doing just that.  With digital self publishing becoming easier this is a trend with lots of potential.  This category has huge scope to free you from the office.


4.  Entrepreneurs / Solopreneurs

Entrepreneurs often have to their business without the luxury of an office.  Whether this is good or bad really depends on your point of view.  With the number of online courses available now many more people are starting their own business.


5.Anyone with an ordinary job that chooses this lifestyle

This is perhaps the most important one.  You can choose to do your job from out of the office!  There are no guarantees that your boss will let you, but if you do want to try, I would recommend reading the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss.  The 4 hour work week will show you how Tim accomplished freedom from the office, and how maybe you can too.


Hopefully, this page has given you some food for thought.  Let me know in the comments before if there are any important ones that you think I’ve missed.