5 Tips you won’t have thought of to make working from your car more productive

Working from your car just like the lady in this picture is easy.We’ve all been between meetings, you have a bit of spare time – but not enough to justify going into a Cafe or other more suitable work space.  These tips will make working from your car more productive.  If you can work from anywhere then it will reduce your wasted time and make you far more efficient.  Often a car is the one place that you always have handy and that makes it worth optimising.

1. Use an inverter

An Inverter is a small device that plugs into the cigarette adaptor on your car and it lets you power your normal household electronics. If you don’t have a car charger for your laptop, you can just use your regular charger.  You can access almost anything you need to plug in to make working from your car more productive.  Do be careful not to flatten your battery while you’re working though !

Here’s a link to a review of the inverter I use.: Belkin AC Anywhere inverter review


2. Park outside somewhere with free Wifi

So many places offer free wireless that it’s not hard to take advantage of. If you park outside a gas station or fast food restaurant you can likely take advantage of their free wireless.   Even public libraries may offer free wireless.  It is up to you to check on the policy of the establishment before borrowing their wireless!

3. Freeze a bottle of water

If you have a bottle of frozen water in the car, then later in the day when it gets hot your water will still be nice and cool. Using a thermos works too. Staying hydrated is important and not having to stop because you’re thirsty will help your productivity when you are working from your car.

4. Consider sitting in the passenger seat

One of the biggest space hogs in your car is the steering wheel. You won’t always need the extra space, but when you do the passenger seat will give you more room.

5. The steering wheel makes a great tablet stand

I know point 4 said that the steering wheel hogs space, but if it’s there why not use it ! Hanging a tablet or ipad from our steering wheel while you’re parked can put it at a really convenient to access.

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